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The Tepoe Trainer


Includes:  TEPOE Trainer Guitar with Pre-loaded Learning Content, Headphones, USB Cable, Digital Tuner, and Power Adaptor.

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Get Guitar lessons from your guitar!

The Trainer comes pre-loaded with over 30 video lessons and an enormous amount of learning content and tools.  These video guitar lessons walk you through the learning process and give you step by step instructions on things such as, the proper way to hold and tune the guitar, learning your first chord, linking chords together, playing bar chords, power chords, using scales, learning soloing techniques, learning your first solo, song writing, and much more!  You can also learn how music is composed and put together with the music theory E-book of the Trainer!  The Trainer aids the songwriter with an onboard condenser mic recorder to help capture those new songs riffs, or inspirations!  The Trainer also has 5G of free space for you to store videos of your favorite guitar instructor!

For the price of about 6 to 10 lessons from a guitar instructor, you can own a Trainer and have the flexibility to learn where ever or whenever you desire!  Order yours today and you'll be playing your favorite songs in no time!

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The Patented Tepoe Guitar

Everything needed to learn guitar included within the instrument

The Tepoe Pro 1


Includes:  TEPOE Pro 1 Guitar with Pre-loaded Learning Content, Headphones, USB Cable, Digital Tuner, and Power Adaptor.

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The Pro 1 body features a maple neck, 24 fret rosewood fingerboard, pickups include: (H-S-H), and is available in 4 different colors. Flame Red, Metallic Silver, Sunburst, and Midnight Black. The Pro 1 has all of the teaching ability of the Trainer with the combined capability to output mp3s of karaoke tracks and backing tracks.  This great sounding electric guitar provides the ability to perform solo with the sound of an entire band!

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Pro 1 Guitar Package


We now offer the teaching content of the Trainer on Flash Drive!  More Information

Tepoe Guitar US Patent 7,355,110


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